Work with Me

There are three different ways to work with me

1) Soul Memory Discovery Sessions
Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release all those troubling issues that limit our lives, and keep us from the full expressions of our Essences and our Beings.
2) Pay-As-You-Go Coaching
With the Exception of our first two sessions, this is your basic one-on-one coaching where we meet in my ZOOM ROOM when you feel the need for guidance, direction, accountability, goal setting, etc.

3) Saucy Dames Boot Camp ®

Saucy Dames Boot Camp® is also a one-on-one coaching program which is much more structured and requires a 6 month commitment. It is designed to empower you to create happiness in your life and strong, healthy relationships from the inside out.

4) Opening to Your Soul

This 6-session online course teaches you the essence of the Soul Memory Discovery process, specifically designed for individual use.You will learn exactly how to do for yourself what is done in a Soul Memory session.​ yes we can do that!!​
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