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What exactly is a Saucy Dame? Isn’t it demeaning to be called one? Can a Saucy Dame lead a spiritual life?

The last two questions are the easiest to answer. If you go with MY definition of a Saucy Dame (see below,)  then it is not demeaning to be called one, and you can absolutely live a spiritual life.


In fact, you can absolutely live any kind of life you want to live because the one thing a Saucy Dame is is a woman who follows her Inner Wisdom, knows what’s right and wrong for her, and lives by the rules and boundaries she creates for herself  which allow her the freedom to live life her way.

A Saucy Dame is authentic. She is strong. She loves life.

I think people get hung up on the definitions of “Saucy” and “Dame,” so let’s look at that…


The Dictionary defines “saucy” as bold, lively, sexually suggestive in a light-hearted manner, impudent, irreverent, having or expressing a bold, lively or spirited manner.

The Dictionary defines “dame” in the US as “a woman” and, in the UK, a dame is the title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight, one of the highest possible honors that can be received by an individual.

>>>>So, for me, I define a Saucy Dame as a bold, lively, spirited woman who lives in a manner of one having received the highest possible honors that can be received by an individual.<<<<<


To me, that is a woman who is authentically living her life, her way.


So you tell me, if I call you a Saucy Dame, am I trying to be demeaning to you,

or am I honoring you?


If you feel it is demeaning, my sincerest apologies. That is not my intention at all. I am honoring you.


Me? I strive to be a Saucy Dame. I want to be just like Dame Helen Mirren.

Truth be told, I think the world needs many more Saucy Dames….in all shapes, sizes and ages…