I’m writing to you to share an experience I had that really made me think.
End of January…I hooked up with my Lighten Up Accountability Buddy and we flew out together to New York City to experience Lighten Up Live (Tracy in the flesh) for a 2-day workshop.
I’ve been in a year-long weight loss program, which ends the end of this month called Lighten Up. Tracy Campoli is the coach and she is a wonder. Can’t say enough about her.

Moi on zee left, Tracy on zee right

Now, Lighten Up isn’t just about diet and exercise…
(although I have lost 8/12 inches from around my waist and feel… like…AMAAAAZING! )
It’s also about our inner world/mindset and how it’s our inner beliefs which control our external experiences. “Change your belief, change your life.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before…Like…uh…that’s exactly what I mean when I speak about “As on the inside, so on the outside.”
And here’s what I wanted to share with you—
During the workshop, one of the exercises was for us to put ourselves in that icky place when we’re having the Worst Day Ever and Every Thing Is All Messed Up and Life Is Really Sucking.  You know…when we’re in that oh-so-uncomfortable-frame-of-beaten-to-a-mental-pulp-mind.  Wasn’t a Happy Place, for sure.
Then, Tracy asked us to write down what our Inner Mean Girl was saying at that moment…
The room got quiet.
The energy got dark…heavy…hopeless
Pens were scribbling on paper.
When we were done, we couldn’t even look at one another. It was a little world of hurt, there, and everybody knew it, and nobody wanted to see it mirrored in another’s eyes.
Then, we were asked to crumple up our papers and put them in a the bag that was passed around by Tracy’s assistant coach. When all the papers were in the bag, we were asked to pick one out and silently read it. Then, a  few volunteered to read the ones they were holding out loud.
Nobody could read them or hear them without tears.
Know what?
That was the point of the exercise:
Inner Mean Girl says the EXACT same thing to each of us.
Maybe the words are changed, but it’s the same.
And it’s ugly.
Ugly, ugly words that you’d never ever say to another soul.
That’s not okay.
How’d we get that way? …..Or…. does the ‘how’ really matter? ….I actually don’t think the history of  the Inner Mean Girl matters.
What does matter is that She gets healed.
What does matter is that we really tune into what we’re saying to ourselves and, with compassion, heal that self-talk.
It takes some doing…that Inner Mean Girl has been spouting out vile language for so long, we don’t even hear Her anymore…but…unfortunately…. we believe it.
SO, we start small…we make the effort to hear what’s going on in that mind chatter of ours.
We start a mantra and say it out loud to ourselves, looking deeply into the eyes of our reflections.
“I am important.” “I am valuable.” “I am worthy.” “I am lovable.”
Say them until you believe them because they are TRUTH.
(Hint…I AM statements carry power…I AM is talking to your Self on a Soul Level.
I AM statements are much more powerful than that Inner Mean Girl.)
Remember… as on the inside, so on the outside.
If we were to shine the light of love upon ourselves….
heal our Inner Mean Girl so She becomes a wise, loving Inner Companion…
What then, dear Saucy Dame, what then??????????