Hello Delightful Saucy Dame with your Subtly Sensual Super Power,.

Did you enjoy finding your signature scent? What else did you sniff out in the realm of scents?

This week, we’re going to turn our attention to hearing.

What are your favorite sounds? I love crinkly paper. I don’t know why. And I love crackling fires, too. Or running water. Did you know the water sounds different when it’s hot? Try it. Run your hot water tap and when it starts to heat up, the sound  changes. And water gets quiet right before it starts to boil. How sensual is that?

When I was little, I used to lie in bed and listen to my family’s footsteps—my mother’s quick and impatient steps, my father’s sure stride. I still do that…close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me: Mr. Al’s special walk, the different chirrups and meows of my feline family, the different barks of our two dogs.


I love music and how quickly my mood can change depending on what I’m listening to. Or how a song can take me right back to a memory. And when I need to cry and can’t? I know if I listen to Prince’s Sometimes It Snows in April, the tears will fall.

I love the way words sound when you string them together.And listening to different accents and languages. Can you recall the sound a Wookie makes, my Star Wars fans? Or what about a lion’s roar and how it reverberates in your own chest?

The sounds of Nature…wind in the trees, crashing waves, gentle brooks, bird song, insects. Such a cacophony of sensuality!


What does stillness sound like?

>>>I invite you, this week, to really pay attention to the sounds around you.
What do you love? What can you do without? What memories are attached to
which sounds?<<<

And then go explore…find a new sound to delight you. What will it be? Will it be a natural sound? That sound a horse makes with it’s lips when you hold the carrot just out of reach?

Will it be new music? A poem? Something someone says?

What will it be???

I’d love to hear your shares!! Email me, won’t you at bryn@brynwilliamsworldwide.com? Or post it in our Secret Saucy Dames Lounge (Not a member? Tell me your name and I will bring you into the group.) Or post to my Facebook page

Enjoy listening…

Many Blessings,