Haven’t you noticed that your life runs so much smoother when you’re happy?

That’s the Law of Attraction at work.

And, when you’re cranky and in a bad mood, things just seem to get worse?  Well, that, too, is the Law of Attraction at work.   What you focus your attention upon will happen.  It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.  People thinking all the time about debt—whether being in debt or trying to get out of debt—get more debt.  People worrying about looking too fat or too thin become too fat or too thin. People constantly looking in the mirror for more breakouts will find more pimples.   People always yearning to be in love will always yearn to be in love.   But you can take control of all that.

How?  By thinking happy thoughts and keeping in your Happy Place.  It’s that easy—so easy that we can’t seem to believe it and we make it difficult.  Let me say that again:  Keeping in your Happy Place by thinking happy thoughts is so easy that we can’t believe it and we make it more difficult.    And how are we making it more difficult?  Because of the Law of Attraction—thinking it is hard to stay in your Happy Place attracts situations and experiences which confirms that it is hard.

So how do you stop focusing on the things that make you unhappy and start focusing on the things that keep you in your Happy Place?  By being appreciative and thankful.  The road to the Happy Place is paved with gratitude.

Being grateful is so powerful.  It expands your heart, gives you so much joy and there is always, ALWAYS something you can be grateful for.

Try it.  Right now.  Think of one thing that you are grateful for.

Oh dear…mind’s gone blank?

Look around you.  What do you see?

Nothing that makes you grateful?  Then keep looking.  If you’re reading this, article, then I’m assuming you’ve got eyes.  So start there, then….be grateful for your eyesight.

Good.  There’s one thing.  How about another?

My cat just jumped on my lap.

Don’t you love kitty purrs?  I’m grateful for how a cat’s purr makes me feel safe and content.  How about you?

Hate cats?  Well, are you in a coffee shop?  What about your white chocolate mocha?  Is it wonderful?  What else?  What about the friend you’ll be meeting who’s always late, but never fails to arrive?  And they’re always making you laugh.  What a great friend!   (Are you getting the hang of it?)  What else can you be grateful for?   Is the sun shining?  Does your boss let you take long lunch hours?  What else? Your child hugged you this morning? What else?  Your dog got out but didn’t run away this time?  What else?  What else?

See how, once you start being grateful for things, there are more and more things to be grateful for?

And now, tell me, how are you feeling?  You feel pretty good don’t you?  Pretty happy.  Just look at you—feeling good and in your Happy Place.  Yay for you!

Oh no, feel like you’re slipping out of the Happy Place?  Think of more things to be grateful for and you’ll find your way back.

Frustrated and it’s not working?  Take a break…go to a movie to take your mind off of things…a happy movie to lift your spirits.  Go for a walk.  Call a friend.  Think of someone who did something nice for you and thank them.  Bake cookies.

Do something positive, not negative.

Why not negative?  Like attracts like.  You want to be attracting happy, positive experiences.

If you keep finding things to be happy and grateful for, there will be more and more things to be happy and grateful for.  It’s the LAW.  And, it really is pretty easy.

Now, here’s another thing to think about—

It’s YOUR Happy Place.  Nobody and nothing can take it away from you without your permission.  Only you can take your Happy Place from you.  But why would you want to?  Who wants to be outside of the Happy Place?

And don’t even think that you’re not worthy of your Happy Place.  Of course you’re worthy of happiness—an abundance of happiness; a constant flow of happiness.  Why?  Because each and every one of us is a creation of Source–God, Goddess, Creator—and that Source is Love and we are always connected to that Love.  It’s an unlimited stream of love being sent to all of us, and all we ever need do is say ‘yes.’  That’s it.  Just say YES.  The Creator never creates anything unworthy of love and happiness, and that includes you.  Just allow yourself to receive.  See yourself as Love sees you.

Now there appears that in this space/time continuum in which we find ourselves, there is a learning curve.  Take walking as an example.  We were all born with the ability to walk.  But we had to learn it.  And we had to develop to a point where we were ready to walk. And we all learned how to walk at a different rate and at a different time in our development.  Babies don’t care how long it takes them to walk or how long they wait until they do walk.  They walk when they feel like it—when they’re ready.  And they fall down –plop—a lot as they learn to work their lil’ fat chubby legs.

So, don’t beat yourself up as you learn to maintain your Happy Place.  And don’t compare yourself, either.  You’re going to learn at the pace that’s right for you.  Just keep practicing.  And remember to ask for help along the way.  It’s okay to allow yourself to be carried from time to time.  Ask help from your guidance, from your Creator, from prayers, from the angels, from your higher self, from your friends.

We all have things that happen to us that can potentially take us from our Happy Places.  Being in the Happy Place does not mean that you stick your head in the sand until something unpleasant goes away.  When a problem arises, of course it must be resolved.  It’s the “how” that changes.  The “how” is to put yourself into your Happy Place before you resolve the situation.  From that place of joy, getting to the solution of the situation becomes a joyful discovery.  And it  produces a healing affect that ripples out towards all involved.  From the Happy Place, you are in touch with a wiser You.  Therefore, your decisions and actions are more loving and wiser.

You will also notice that your understanding of the Happy Place deepens.  It will not be enough to have that dress you saw down at Mervyns, or that sapphire ring, or an endless supply of cash or the relationship of your dreams.  Just as in walking–once you’ve learned how, it’s what you do with the walking that becomes more important.  Some of you will run races, some will climb mountains, some will establish a Ministry of Silly Walks.  Then, there will be some who will get up and offer their seat on the bus to someone who really needs it, or stride across the room to welcome a shy person into a gathering.  It will be exciting to see what happens once you master Happy Place Maintenance.  Boy oh boy, are you in for some fun!

There’s an abundance of information out there about the Law of Attraction.  There are workshops and books and podcasts and websites and DVDs, and holy books and, also,  prayer and meditation—endless resources.  All have their version of the Law of Attraction and its wonderful, because we all are so unique.  It helps to read and study so you can gain a fuller understanding via the different perspectives.  But, my friend, if you just stay in your Happy Place, you will be attracted to what you need to become even happier.

Why?  Because when you are in your Happy Place, you are in a place of love and, to quote the great avatar Jesus “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.”  And what is the Kingdom of God?  It is the Kingdom of Love.  And the Kingdom of Love is the Happy Place.  The path is gratitude.

So, remember, count your blessings…even if it’s only one thing…just be grateful for that one thing.  Over and over and over until you’re in your Happy Place.

Just think on this for a moment…

If everyone on this planet were in their Happy Place all the time…what would that be like?