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“It has been almost 8 years since my divorce. The first six I spent trying to survive and finish raising my children. As I found my life changing, finances settling and my children grown and independent, it was time to start thinking about “me.” I missed having a partner. I missed having my best friend. Frankly, I missed being in love


As I looked at the men around me I realized I had forgotten how to open my heart. I dabbled in on line dating, but no one was “just right.” When I decided to try Bryn Williams’ program I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was that I had cut off parts of myself, such as my inner male, that kept me from being a whole person. Bryn helped me look at myself in a new way and kick-start my life once again.”–Jill F.


“By guided introspective travels with my muse, journaling, and painting I understand causation of my inner turmoil. With this breakthrough, I have the tools to change negative habits and inner criticisms into positive reactions. Bryn’s technique gently leads one on a path of positive change. Her suggestions for being kinder to ourselves through ‘flipping’ wrongs into affirmations is a refreshing and doable approach. Blessed thanks to her instruction, wisdom and patience. Oh, and her sparkly demeanor refreshes the soul.”–Sally M.


IMG_4200 (1)Bryn is as bright, generous of spirit and laughter as it comes. You’ll be delighted by her style, sensibilities and caring so you’d want her as your friend. Working with her, I was surprised to find what we uncovered together. I feel grounded and balanced and in charge of my life. Lookout Love, here I come!!”–Anni A.

“Having Bryn as a life coach positively transformed my personal life and my business focus. Her insightful, conversational approach allowed her to understand exactly who I was, then gently guide me to embrace a new joyful vision.  Bryn led me to create the future I wanted and to allow life to get better and better. I will be forever grateful for my new perspective and her guiding wisdom.”–Robert R. Burkey, CPA, CEO  Happy Hen Treats