“Sensuality, Sexuality, Finding Love and You” Bundle $19.97

Three interviews and one lecture to Gear You Up for Love by exploring your sensuality. Each expert offers encouraging guidance so you can embrace your beautiful, feminine sensuality and power.
Bryn Williams
Sensuality, Sexuality and Finding Your Forever Love (Lecture)
Bryn Williams is a Gearing Up for Love Coach and Founder of Saucy Dames Boot Camp®. She focuses on empowering women to “find love from the inside out,” using art journaling techniques and coaching tools to support you to tap into your own inner knowledge and wisdom. She has proven to herself that following the guidance of your Inner Wise Woman will lead you to exactly what you need to learn in order to have strong, healthy and happy relationships. In this lecture you will learn —

The difference between being Sensual and being Sexual, and when to be either or both,

How Sensuality can support you in finding your Forever Love,

Ways to be more Sensual, and

How to Create A Sensual Night

Patty Contenda
How to Express Your Desirability
Oh to be more desirable! Patty is a professional dancer, international traveling dance consultant and the founder of Sensuality Secrets where she teaches women to release their resistance with expressing their sensuality, which, in turn, makes us more desirable no matter our age, our height or width. In this episode you will learn —

What desirability is,

How to create desirability,

How to melt and be receptive,

What does being playful have to do with it, and

She gifts us with a playful practice so we can start to experience our sensuality and our desirability.

Nicole DiRocco
Embracing Your Feminine Self.
Nicole DiRocco is a certified dating and relationship coach and founder of Dating With Grace. She works with savvy, smart and successful executive women to embrace their Feminine Grace and that’s our topic for the day. During our conversation, we discuss-

What does it mean to be in one’s feminine grace,

Who can we look to as a role model,

The benefits of saying “Yes,” and

What is Extreme Self Care.

Amy Jo Goddard
9 Elements of a Sexually Empowered Saucy Dame
Amy Jo Goddard is a Sexual Empowerment expert and thought leader, who offers amazing advice and suggestions on getting back in touch with our sexuality/sensuality which, as Amy explains, is the core of who we are. In this episode, we explore —

What sexual energy is and why we need to own it,

Why it’s a good idea to go on a media diet,

The importance of Nature,

How a woman can use her sexual energy to attract a partner of the right caliber,

How to connect with your sexuality/sensuality.

In addition, Amy Jo shares a 2-minute morning practice, which teaches us to greet and appreciate each part our body

Sensuality, Sexuality, Finding Love and You” Bundle