Greetings Saucy Dame with Velvety Skin,

Are you wondering what the Senses have to do with Finding Forever Love? I could tell you, but where’s the fun in that? I think it would be much more fun for you to explore your senses and find out yourself, don’t you?? It will mean more…but I will touch on it later on in the month.

Speaking of touch, we are exploring touch today.

This is one of my favorite senses and, for me, it’s the most sensual. I love touching things. I love feeling different fabrics on my body.

I love the heat from someone’s hand on my shoulder, about my waist (or elsewhere.) I love drawing light circles on my palms. I love the feel of applying body lotion.

Have you ever been naked outside? Is that not the most amazing sensation? Your whole skin—the largest organ of your body—exposed and able to feel sensations unencumbered by clothing.

What is your favorite fabric on your skin? I love silk. I love raw silk with its nubby texture and I love the slippery kind, too. I have a hand-painted silk kimono I wear as a robe after I’ve showered. Rayon’s nice, too. I love the way it flows, drapes and glides on my skin. These fabrics make me feel so feminine. What’s your favorite?

>>>This touchy/feely week, I invite you to get your hands on everything, including yourself.<<<

What do you feel like to you? Seriously… take a sensual inventory of your body. It’s your body. Own her. Delight in her. And if you want to get sexual, you can, but I’m not talking about sexuality. I’m talking about sensuality. Go have a massage and enjoy what that feels like. Observe cats. They understand the sensuality of their bodies.

Touch is such a splendid sense!

Get as bare as you dare and go outside and explore what it feels like. Set your skin free!

I’m sitting outside on my deck overlooking a creek. The sun is warm on my skin, and although I’m not naked, my arms are bare, and my hair is up, off my neck. I can feel the breeze on my neck and it tingles a bit. The heat from the sun feels glorious.  Later, I’m going to go to the creek and dip my feet in the water. Later, still, I’m going to go online and find something silky to wear.

What about you? How are you going to explore your sense of touch?? What are you discovering? I’d love to hear your shares either on my facebook page or by replying to this email.

Enjoy this succulent, juicy week like the Saucy Dame you are!

Many blessings,


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