Welcome to August, where we’re going to put the sizzle back into those hot August nights.

This month is going to be devoted to sensuality as experienced through our five senses. Time to get organic with our sensory organs.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to develop and experience your own sensuality. Women, by our very nature, are such sensual creatures.


>>> Being a sensual, whole woman empowers you into being open to receiving
your Forever Love into your life…<<<

So let’s begin today to become even more sensual than you already are.

I was talking with a girlfriend today… catching up with each other others’ lives….the good, the bad and the beautiful.

The life we’re living… right here, right now?

It’s the only life we’ve got.

The only one.

SO…why not milk every last drop of pleasure, delight and beauty from it, right?

Can I hear an Amen, Sister!?

Let’s milk this life! It CAN be sensual. It CAN be juicy. RIGHT NOW.

Doesn’t matter if we don’t have our Forever Love in our life right now.

Many people looking to be in a relationship feel they can’t enjoy life until they’ve got that special person with them in their life. SO NOT TRUE!!

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for your Forever Love to arrive is
depressing, saps the joy out of today and is just plain sad. Feeling that lack or
wondering when it’s going to happen isn’t going to make it happen any faster.

So focus on what’s going on in your life right this minute because there’s a lot going
on, Ladies.

QUESTION:   Do you know What men find most attractive in a woman?
ANSWER:      It is a woman who is happy and enjoying her life.

I’m going to repeat that.

>>>A happy woman is an attractive woman. It’s the most attractive thing to a man<<<

Now if that’s not motivation to get happy, I don’t know what is.

And we know this, my Saucy Dame. We do.

Who are you more drawn to? A happy person, or one who is always wishing for more and never satisfied with what’s in their life?

Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting more things that make you happy, but looking at what you already have and being happy about that is the way for more happy things to arrive into your life.

And a way to start getting happier (and consequently, more attractive?)

Sensuality, my friend, sensuality.

So…let’s explore our senses, shall we? We’ve five senses and there are five Tuesdays in August. How convenient, n’est ce pas?

For this first week of August, we’re going to focus on the sense of smell. It’s the first scent to be activated and the last to go. Interesting, isn’t it?

I’ve just started paying attention to scents and smells…their subtleties and how they enhance and play with all our other senses, especially taste. Close your eyes for a moment and really focus in on what you’re nose is telling you. What do you smell? Do you like it? What is your favorite thing to smell? I love to inhale chocolate. Sometimes, that is all the “cocolate fix” I need…just that rich, full scent of fine, decadent chocolate. Have you dabbled in flower essences and diffusers? Ever put lavender essence in your bath water to help you relax? Do you wear a signature scent? My mother had one. It was called Toujours Moi (Always me.)I don’t think they make it anymore, but I have a small bottle of it and when I sniff it, I think of my mother.

I invite you to find a new wonderful Signature Scent to wear… one that makes you feel beautiful, saucy and sensual. Get a friend to go with you, visit a perfume counter in the mall, and try out different perfumes. Discover which scent will bring out your Inner Sauciness, your Inner Saucy Dame.



Then, I encourage you to wear your new Signature Scent and feel what it’s like, knowing that the heat from your body circulates that scent as you go about your Hot August Day, lingering with a subtle essence after you’ve passed.

Milk that feeling….be Saucy with your Dameness….

CAUTION…don’t use too much scent. Let it be subtle…subtle and mysterious is much more sensual.



Subtlety Sensual… Your new Special Power.

Many blessings to you,