There’s so much mental turmoil being stirred up these days. Like someone turned over a log and all the creepy crawlies are scattering this way and that. And sensitive people feel it…feel all the anger, the angst, the fear. It compounds, feels like an unstoppable wave of yuck. Triggers our own fears. And there seems to be nothing we can do to stop feeling that way. It frightens and tempts us into despair.

But we can stop it.

We’re each that powerful.

I usually stay away from talking about people’s spiritual practices because how you connect with the Divine is none of my business and vice versa. However, I’ve been having sooooo much fun with this latest offering from my lovely Soul Memory Discovery teacher Ellen Kaufman Dosick via her monthly newsletter, I’ve gotta share. Cuz…you know me…I love to share the fun.

It’s 5 simple steps that take much longer to explain than they do to execute. Seeing that as a challenge, I’m going to be brief:

When to do this: Whenever something, someone, some situation triggers the yuck within you, go for it…

Step 1)           Get centered and feel the love from your Creator pouring into you through the top of your head and spreading throughout your whole body. Really feel it. It’s real. Sink into it. Melt into it. Surrender into it and feel that powerful love.

Step 2)          Now allow all that love that’s pouring into you flow out from your heart. It jets with the force of a huge fire hose. A fire hose of love that’s endlessly being fed through you from God/Universe/Source/etc.

Step 3)           Aim it at whatever triggered you. Let it saturate the situation or person or the something with such a deep and profound love.

Step 4)           Notice as any fears or discomforts or challenges that would normally come to you as a reaction to that trigger can’t. They simply can’t. Your fire hose of love is just too powerful. It’s washed back.

Step 5)           And now notice what that wash of love is doing to you as if flows through you. It’s sourcing you. Of course it is. It’s the Love of the Divine. Let it fill you up until you grow and grow with this feeling of love. Until you be love.

That’s it. And it really takes no time at all to turn on the tap.

Now, how in the world does this Fire Hose of Love help you in finding your Forever Love? How could it possibly help?

Because, Dear Heart, when you are steeped in love, saturated with love, oozing and expressing love, you become a love magnet. It’s impossible NOT to have love flowing to you from all directions. You are love.

Like attracts like.

Love attracts love.

It’s that simple. I suggest you shoot that Fire Hose of Love at all those objections that may arise to the contrary.

I’ve loved doing this practice. I go a little crazy with it. If there are folks involved in whatever triggered me into fear and discomfort, I blast them with my fire hose of love. I’ve got Aretha singing “Freeway to Love” in my head changing the lyrics, of course, to Fire Hose of Love. (I keep the pink Cadillac.) And I watch as those folks just get knocked over and roll around in rivers of love. They can’t get up. The stream is too powerful. They flop and flounder until they surrender to that deep, profound joy and peace. It’s beautiful to behold.


I also remember the power of the fire hose of lava I witnessed in February in Hawaii.

I leave you now with an in-process painting. I’m chronicling my year with this painting. I’ve no idea what it will look like when it’s done. This is January-March. I think it illustrates the Fire Hose of Love rather nicely.

Work In Process…Year Long Painting…Jan-Mar 2017

And a link to Fire Hose…er…Freeway of Love.  Sing it Aretha!