About Bryn

Bryn Williams is a certified, professional coach, artist, soul memory discovery facilitator and author, who makes her niche as a Spiritual Love and Life Coach for those Saucy Dames who want to dive deep and live from a place of joy. She provides programs to empower women to create happiness in their lives, and strong, healthy relationships.

Bryn believes that each of us contains the wisdom to care, nurture, and guide ourselves. The only thing we need to do is to tap into that wisdom and strengthen our inner dialogue. She believes this is the key to living a soul-satisfying life.

It was the near death of her not-even-yet-second-husband when Bryn realized

  • there are no guarantees in life,
  • life is happening now, and
  • it’s up to you to cultivate your own happiness, no matter where you are on your journey, or what’s happening.

In other words you are responsible for the Care and Maintenance of Your Happy Place™

Nobody else.

That is why she created Saucy Dames Boot Camp®, a six-month journey using art, journaling, conversation, and guided visualization designed to empower you to create happiness in you life and build strong, healthy relationships from the inside out.

As well as being a coach, an artist, teacher, and author, Bryn is also a Reiki Master, an Angel Therapy practitioner, a Soul Memory Discovery facilitator, an Opening to Your Soul instructor, an Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Coach, has a black belt in Kashima Shin Ryu, and is an all-around seeker of truth and energy junkie.

She brings all that she is and all that she’s learned into her programs.

As Bryn says “Women are intuitive and powerfully creative beings who need to remember that self-talk was never meant to be self-sabotage-talk.”

She also says “It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it will be fun.”

When Bryn isn’t serving her clients, you can find her painting, writing and adventuring with Mr. Al, her forever love.

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